Georgia K9 Professional Trainers

Georgia K9 National Training Center Professional K9 Trainers cover the United States and have a wide range of dog training experience. They are nationally certified and are training specialists in a wide variety of K9 disciplines from dog obedience training, dog tracking and trailing, to canine narcotics detection.

Kevin Baughn
John Salem
Laurie Strite
Marvin Carter
Missy Carter
Deputy Brandon Braxton
Sergeant Ben MCBroom
Greg Sluder
Alis Dobler – Switzerland
Marco Bisang – Switzerland
Cony Steidinger – Switzerland
Glenn-David Poole – Germany
Anja Lausberg – Germany
Jose Gonkel – Holland


Kevin Baughn

Kevin Baughn

Kevin Baughn began training bloodhounds in Oct. of 1999. He worked as a San Jose Police Canine handler with his bloodhound partner “Zack” from 9/00 – 3/06. He has trained in Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and throughout California. Kevin and Zack worked urban cases throughout the Bay Area.. Kevin has testified in court on bloodhound cases ranging from stolen cars to homicides. Kevin and Zack have worked with and received letters of commendation from FBI, ATF, and local departments throughout the bay area.

Kevin has worked with handlers from Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, San Mateo Sheriff’s Office, Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Oakland Police Department, and several more agencies at “Urban Manhunters School” passing along trailing techniques that been proven successful. Kevin also instructs a P.O.S.T. approved course “Using Bloodhounds to search for Missing Persons.”



John Salem

John Salem

John Salem is a retired police officer from the Dearborn Police Department (Detroit, Michigan). He was a police officer for 25 years and a K-9 handler for 15 years, handling Bloodhounds Chester & Max. He was also Jeff Schettler’s primary urban trailing instructor for the first California POST certified training of its kind in the 1990’s. Due to operating in a large, urban environment, John specializes in training for the hard surface, high contamination, extreme conditions encountered when searching for persons in the city. During his career, he has more than 1,500 actual case deployments ranging from missing persons to homicide suspects. John has been qualified as an expert witness for local, state, and
federal courts of law.

John is an active instructor and training coordinator for the Law Enforcement Bloodhound Association (LEBA). He is also an instructor for the German Bloodhound Mantrailing Association (GBMA). In addition, John is an evaluator for trailing certification for these organizations. He has assisted organizations all over the country, including the FBI Canine Assistance Program.

John has received more than 20 awards ranging from local agencies to the United States House of Representatives. He was also named Optimist Club Officer of the Year as well as a recipient of the National Police Bloodhound Association (NPBA) Marcum Award.

John remains an active instructor and looks forward to sharing his experience with others.



Laurie Strite

Laurie Strite

Laurie Strite is a member of the KlaasKids Foundation K9 Search Team.  She spends her time training her three search and rescue K9’s, attending seminars, assisting a neighboring SAR team as an instructor for the beginner K9’s and handlers, and is soon to begin apprenticing as a NASAR evaluator.  As a NASAR SAR TECH II certified responder herself, she has been on numerous searches with KlaasKids as both a K9 handler and a flanker.  She owns a four year old German Shepherd named “Nova”, a one and a half year old Aussie named “Quest”, and a young bloodhound named “Junior”.  Laurie and Nova have certified together as a NASAR SAR TECH III Air Scenting K9 team.  Laurie and Quest are certified as a Human Remains Detection K9 team through the National Search Dog Alliance (NSDA) and Junior is working towards a trailing certification.  Laurie enjoys the teaching side of search and rescue as much as working her own K9’s.







Marvin Carter

Marvin Carter

Marvin Carter began working dogs at an early age with hunting breeds. Various breeds used for bird hunting and later various hound breeds used for wild boar hunting. Marvin is still an avid hunter and a member of Mossy Oak’s Hunting Pro staff. He is currently a K-9 handler for the Union County Sheriffs Department as well as a member of Knoxville Police Departments search and rescue team. He also volunteers for Tennessee Area Search and Rescue. He is currently working two of his dogs. Quannah a GSD which does trailing/HRD and Rogue the bloodhound in trailing.






Missy Carter

Missy Carter

Missy Carter is currently a K9 officer with Union County Sheriff’s Dept., Tennessee. She is a founding member of Tennessee Area Search and Rescue, and on Knoxville Police Dept’s Search and Rescue team. Missy and her Bloodhound Josey have also assisted the US Marshal’s Service, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and several surrounding counties with K9 Searches and Forensic detection. Josey had her first real life “find” with a department at 8 months old, followed by many more. Missy is married to Marvin Carter and feels they are extremely blessed to have K9’s Josey, Rogue & Quannah in their lives. “With each new day, no matter which K9 we work, they teach us something new, and to be able to do what we love is a special feeling I just can’t begin to describe.”







Deputy Brandon Braxton and K9 Ruin

Deputy Brandon Braxton and K9 Ruin

Deputy Brandon Braxton  In 2009 Brandon was hired by Sheriff Randy Garrett of the Clarendon County Sheriffs office where he attended the South Carolina criminal justice academy. Upon graduation Brandon started his career on uniformed patrol. Once on patrol Brandon found his passion which was pursuing the drug trade. For the next 3 years he pursued local drug dealers and users.

In 2013 Deputy Braxton was placed on the ICE Team ( interstate criminal enforcement) by Sheriff Garrett. He worked along side Toby Bellamy an expired criminal interdiction officer and k-9 handler on Interstate 95 during 2013 he apprehended major criminals from drug cartel drug/money smugglers to international fugitives. Brandon seized over 100,000 dollars in illegal drug currency and over 100 lbs of narcotics along with hidden compartments inside motor vehicles which were used to smuggle contraband.

Deputy Braxton was named National Highway Interdiction Officer of the year for 2013 by the 420 group. Brandon was also placed on the task force with The Department Of Homeland Security which gave Brandon an extra tool to use to take down major organized crime as it traveled threw Clarendon county.

Brandon was approached by Sheriff Garrett in 2013 and received another tool to use to fight crime. the county’s first duel purpose tracking / narcotic detection k-9 from Jeff Schettler at Gak9 K-9 Ruin!!

Deputy Braxton officially partnered K-9 Ruin in late 2013 and quickly got to work. The team quickly made a name for themselves tracking down major criminals alongside the Clarendon County Sheriffs Office tactical tracker team. K-9 Ruin has apprehended 23 out of 21 suspects by March 2015. K-9 ruin also alerted to thousands of dollars of illegal drug currency and several drug cases working the 30 plus miles of interstate Brandon and ruin patrol daily from 2013 to 2014.



Sergeant Ben MCBroom and K9 Raiko

Sergeant Ben MCBroom K9 Raiko

Sergeant Ben MCBroom Ben McBroom is currently a Sergeant at the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office in Indiana. He is an instructor for the Sheriff’s Office primarily instructing Defensive Tactics and Taser. In addition, Ben McBroom is a K-9 handler for the Sheriff’s Office. He handles K-9 Raiko, a bloodhound, whose is responsible for trailing missing persons, criminals, and searching for evidence. Ben and K-9 Raiko have successfully solved cases in their county and surrounding areas including missing children, armed robbery, and burglary suspects.

Ben is also an avid hunter. He has been hunting ducks, turkey and deer since and early age with a strong interest in bow hunting mature whitetail deer.







Greg Sluder with K9 Doc and K9 Saga

Greg Sluder – K9 Doc – K9 Saga

Greg Sluder is prior state law enforcement, military and SAR. He started his K9 career training English pointers at a early age for quail hunting and trained blue tick hounds for hunting . He has two GSDs , Doc and Saga. Doc is used in tactical man tracking training. Saga is trained in HRD and man tracking. His k9s have been working very closely with Jeff Schettler for over 2 years in man tracking/ trailing .Greg is currently working with the emergency management and his local sheriff department providing the first dogs of his kind in the area.









Switzerland Trainers



Alis Dobler Georgia K9 Trainer

Alis Dobler K9 Cannelle

Alis Dobler is a scientific co-examiner for the Zurich City Police.  She was employed with the Zurich Police Dept after graduating from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland with a Master degree in Forensic Sciences.  She became a K9 trainer in 2008 and has a background in Schutzhund work and general obedience.  Alis later became involved with trailing and currently works with her bloodhound mantrailer, Cannelle.

Alis is head instructor of K-9 Search & Rescue Association (, a swiss association with the aim to deploy trailing dogs in cases of missing persons. She also has her own trailing school, K-9 Manhunters (, working with private citizens, SAR handlers, and local police departments in the art of Trailing.  Alis is the Georgia K9 NTC European Training Coordinator for all general courses of instruction for law enforcement and SAR training schools. She is currently Jeff Schettler’s primary apprentice and assists him with schools not only in Europe but the USA as well. Contact info:




Marco Bisang GAK9 Europe

Marco Bisang

Marco Bisang is an investigator in a police department in Switzerland. Marco became involved with trailing in 2011 and currently works with his bloodhound mantrailer Cannelle which is also handled by his wife Alis Dobler.  He began trailing with his Cane Corso Katana in 2009.
Marco is president of K-9 Search & Rescue Association (, a swiss association with the aim to deploy trailing dogs in cases of missing persons. He regularly assists in trailing seminar of K-9 Manhunters ( for private citizens and law enforcement classes. Marco is also member of Georgia K9 NTC Europe and has worked very closely with Jeff Schettler at his seminars in Switzerland and Germany.








Cony Steindinger

Cony Steidinger

Cony Steidinger – The first dog Cony can remember of was her grandmother’s huge Great Dane. She was 3 years old and this is when she discovered her love for dogs. But it was a little bit too early to work with them. She got my first working dog in 2006, Popeye a Dalmatian-Mix. Popeye showed a lot of talent from the beginning and handled just about everything thrown at him. Cony has a several groups of private citizens that she trains in trailing. She is also a co-trainer at K-9 Manhunters ( and a member of the committee of K-9 Search & Rescue Association ( Cony has worked very closely with Jeff Schettler at his seminars in Switzerland










Germany Trainers


Anja Lausberg

Anja Lausberg

Anja Lausberg Anja Lausberg was born and raised close to Düsseldorf, Germany. Anja started Mantrailing in 2003 as a volunteer Search Dog Handler together with her K9-partner, Nash, a French hound – now retired. Nash taught her the truth what a trailing dog is able to do and what not. She is also experience in blood tracking, and obedience. Anja is founder of the Trailing school “Mantrailer Rhein-Ruhr” located in the area around Düsseldorf where she is training K9 trailing teams.







Glenn-David Poole

Glenn-David Poole

Glenn-David Poole was born in Sardinia, Ohio on 22 Jan 1947. Graduated from High School in April 1965 and joined the US Army where he spent the next 27 years serving the United States. He is a Veteran of the Vietnam War and served in many different leadership positions throughout his career. He retired from the military in 1992 at the rank of Command Sergeant Major. After retiring from the service he worked for the Germany Government in the Refugee Center in Aschaffelburg, German and then transferred to the German Police in Wuerzburg where he was on contract with his Mantrailing Dog Maghen until he retired again in 2008. He not only had trailing dogs but Area and Disaster Dogs and was in Turkey in 1999 for both Earthquake Recovery Missions with the Bavarian Red Cross.
He has trained Mantrailing Teams all over Europe and is dedicated to keeping the Art of Trailing honest.
He is a born again Christian and gives credit for his work to Him who gave him the gift. His motto is “The truth will set you free”






Holland Trainers



Jose Gonkel

Jose Gonkel

Jose Gonkel – José Gonkel was born in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Today she lives in eastern Netherlands, with her husband and three dogs Lara, Fox and Bailey.  José is a retired ICU nurse, and has worked for 30 years at a hospital in Enschede.  Her interest in dogs has pushed her to become a certified behavioral therapist for dogs. Since 2007 she has a practice for behavior modification and obedience training.  Around that time, she became a member of the search and rescue group RWO.  Later she started the discipline Mantrailing.

Her dog Fox, a Working Kelpie is an air scent dog and disaster dog. Lara, a White Swiss Sheepdog, was a mantrailer. Jose experimented with the Hanoverian scent houn breed for mantrailing as well. Now she works with Bailey, a Hanoverian scent houn, as Lara is now retired.

Her own mantrailing school “Mantrailing Overijssel” trains private citizens, as well as search and rescue teams in the same style as Georgia K9 NTC.


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