2013 GAK9 Chamber of Commerce Event

Mason County Sheriff’s Office Working K9 Conference

Tactical Tracker Teams, Georgia K9 NTC has secured Little Creek Resort in the Shelton, Washington area. They are offering a rate for the Tactical Tracker Students of $70.00 for the weekedays and $99.00 for the weekend days. They have also waived the $50.00 pet fee. Log onto Little Creek Resort: www.little-creek.com

Paws In The Park Kennesaw 2012

K9 Cop Magazine Presents

Georgia K9 NTC Class Schedule for 2012 K9 Cop Conference.
Monday October 1 2012  

Urban Trailing – 8am to 10am
Tactical Tracker Teams – 10:30am to 12:30pm

K9 Cop Nashville 2012

22nd Annual CNCA Narcotic, Explosive and Patrol K9 Handler Conference

California Narcotic Canine AssociationSave the Date! – January 7th to 10th, 2013
22nd  Annual CNCA Narcotic, Explosive and Patrol K9 Handler Conference
Holiday Inn Media Center
Burbank, California




Three full days of the most current information available for Narcotic & Explosives K9 Trainers & Handlers – Presented by Internationally Expert Known Speakers.

Begin the year with the most current information available for Narcotic/Explosive K9 Trainers & Handlers.  If you have a Narcotic/Explosive Detection K9 program, or plan on developing one then plan to attend the year 2012 training!

YOU SHOULD ATTEND IF… you are a new or experienced patrol, drug and explosive detection single or dual purpose K9 handler, a detection dog trainer, a K9 unit supervisor or commander, a prosecutor who litigates narcotic cases, a military narcotic and explosive detection dog handler or trainer, a bomb technician working with explosive detection dogs, or a substance detection dog handler.
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Looking Forward


Sponsoring Hayden & Service Dog Tank Food

Tiffany Smith talks like a seasoned health care professional. This local mother of two young boys can spout off the complicated, often times impossibly long, names of disorders, procedures and medications that would leave most people tongue tied. Tiffany came by her knowledge the hard way. Not through years of formal education, but rather seven years of loving, nurturing and understanding her first born son’s medical condition.

Hayden Smith Golf Benefit
Donate to Hayden Smith

Back in 2004, Tiffany and Joel Smith were happy, new parents. No family history or injury gave them any indication that something could be wrong with their infant son. Tiffany first noticed Hayden’s eyes fluttering as she nursed him when he was just 4 months old. She says his arms went straight out, something her family would come to know as “jack knifing,” a tell tale sign of a seizure in progress.

Hayden SmithAfter a couple of trips to Egleston (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s site in Decatur), Hayden went undiagnosed. Tiffany credits her son’s pediatrician, Dr. Lisa Miller, with making sure Hayden was properly diagnosed. “I have to give credit to Dr. Lisa. She was real aggressive in trying to find out what was wrong with Hayden.”

On the fourth trip to the local emergency room, an EEG was performed and a staff neurologist gave Tiffany and her husband, Joel, the diagnosis of Infantile Spasms. Joel said, “You hear the word ‘infantile’ and you think OK, maybe he’ll grow out of it. And ‘spasms,’ how bad can that be?”

Tiffany added, “Then, we got home and went online and started reading the outcomes. There’s only a 10 percent chance our son will walk or talk. That’s when our whole world came crashing down.”

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Maxwell’s Story


GSD MaxwellGSDRGA learned about Maxwell through a shelter we work with. He is a 2 year old male German shepherd, picked up over Fourth of July weekend, gravely ill. GSDRGA gladly stepped up to rescue him and give him the care he so desperately needed. His prognosis was initially grim; we were not sure how long he was on his own.  But we hoped for the best as Maxwell was pumped full of antibiotics. The first 24 hours there was not much improvement, but then the swelling in his legs went down and he ate the food our volunteer brought for him.
Maxwell loves other dogs, but we aren’t sure about sure about cats. He does well with kids, due to his laid back personality, however, his new home should be adults only or one with older kids, due to his activity level.

Right now, Maxwell needs sponsors. His care will cost about $400 to treat his skin infection, and $500 for his Heartworm treatment. He will also need additional medication, medicated baths and high calorie food. GSDRGA is seeking sponsors for all of or part of Maxwell’s care. Sponsorship can be in amount you are comfortable giving. To donate, please visit our donations page http://donate.gashepherd.org/ , or e-mail info@gashepherd.org for a mailing address.

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Paws In The Park


Paws In The park

Georgia K9 NTC would like to thank the Kennesaw Environmental Committee,  Swift-Cantrell Park, Vendors, Volunteers and especially all who came out to support this event.  The turnout was spectacular and we enjoyed talking to each and every one of the dog lovers we spoke to.  We could not have imagined how wonderful and enthusiastic the crowd was for all the demonstrations including obedience, narcotics detection and trailing for this event.

Paws in the Park takes place on Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 9am to noon at Swift-Cantrell Park. The event is sponsored by the Kennesaw Environmental Committee and is a celebration of dogs. Visitors can enjoy service dog demonstrations, visit vendor booths, and take the Primrose Paws Pledge. There is even a chance for visitors to march in the Doggie Parade at 10am. The event encourages pet owners to be responsible and pick up after their dogs, thus keeping area parks, sidewalks and green spaces clean and safe for everyone.

Paws in the Park Kennesaw

Paws in the Park Kennesaw

Valko and Phoebe demonstrate advanced dog obedience. These images include on and off leash dog obedience by the use of voice commands and dog hand signal commands.  Commands include heel, down, sits, sits from down, come with auto-sit.

Paws in the Park Service Dog Demontration

Kelli Collins, Jennifer, James and Caleb demonstrate service dog training and tethering.  Tethering is the use of the assistance dog to act as a companion while walking a child with special needs and as an anchor should the K9′s ward attempt to dash into a dangerous situation.  Service Dog Tethering

Paws in the Park Narcotics Demonstration

Kelli Collins and office Brian Kiel demonstrate narcotics detection.