Dogs’ superhuman noses tested

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Dogs’ keen sense of smell is more important to humans than ever before, said Jeff Schettler of the Georgia K9 National Training Center in Canton. Schettler, a retired police K-9 handler, trains military and police dogs to sniff out humans, cadavers, drugs and explosives.

“Every day in Afghanistan or Iraq a dog detects an improvised explosives device in a place people are doing business. How many hundreds or thousands of people did he save?” asked Schettler.

To better understand the power of a dog’s nose, CBS Atlanta News partnered with Schettler and his team to demonstrate how a trained trailing bloodhound named Dare can track a person down.

A trainer, acting as a “fugitive,” hid deep into 4,000 acres of woods in rural Cherokee County.  He intentionally dropped a rag that serves as a scent article necessary for any dog to begin a hunt. According to Schettler, the scent article can be almost any item that contains the subject’s odor.

Handler Joseph Citta instructed Dare to sniff the rag. Instantly, Dare found the invisible scent trail and dragged Citta down the hill.

Schettler explained that dogs have a unique ability to isolate each person’s unique odor that he or she leaves behind.

A forest is ideal for trailing because each step Dare takes through leaves and vegetation stirs up remnants of the person’s odor; confirming for Dare that she’s on the right track.

Citta explained that handling is mentally and physically draining.

“There’s no way you can just run behind the dog. If the dog is distracted, you have to be watching the dog the whole time no matter what obstacles are in front of you,” said Citta.

Ten minutes after beginning her hunt, Dare achieved what is humanly impossible and found the “fugitive” a half-mile into the woods. Citta rewarded her with a treat and praise.

GPS tracking devices show Dare followed the subject’s track almost perfectly.

“Imagine trying to visually track that [without a dog]. Footstep to footstep, broken branch to broken branch. Overturned leaf to overturned leaf.  It would be hours if not days” said Schettler.

Schettler said he believes any dog has the ability to follow scent. Whether they do it successfully depends on their drive.

To test that theory, reporter Jeff Chirico volunteered his 7-year-old mutt, Dallas. Once Chirico was hidden a hundred yards away, Dallas began running in his direction. But Dallas quickly became sidetracked by coyote waste and had a difficult time finding Chirico’s trail afterwards.

Schettler said dogs he trains for trailing are specially-bred and have an innate desire to hunt.  It takes four to six months of training before a dog is ready for work.

Posted: Feb 06, 2013 6:15 PM EST Updated: Feb 07, 2013 7:30 AM EST
By Jeff Chirico
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Will Your Dog Protect or Befriend An Intruder

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Police Bloodhound Raiko makes another find

Officer McBroom and RaikoAnother suspect caught by K9 Raiko and her Handler Ben McBroom

Police Bloodhound Raiko makes another find:

K9 Raiko and Deputy Ben McBroom were called to a burglary where a suspect entered the residence through a dog door at the back of the house. The trail was possibly 3 to 6 hours old. There was a wooded area behind the residence and disturbed leaves entering the woods were found by the deputy and K9. Raiko showed good trailing behavior in the woods. At about the half way point she located a piece of the dog door. Raiko continued the trail and it led to a nearby apartment complex. The agency investigating was able to generate a possible suspect based on the location Raiko trailed to. The dog door found in the woods was processed for DNA, and fingerprints. The next day a suspect was taken into custody at the apartment complex Raiko trailed to along with recovered stolen property from the crime scene. Great Job Ben and Raiko!

Diese Hunde-Spürnasen hält nichts auf

Mantrailer Rhein Ruhr

Dortmund. Paul, der Beagle, wirkt eher verspielt. Doch wenn es um seine Spürnase geht, dann macht dem vierjährigen Rüden so leicht niemand etwas vor. Wenn er erst einmal die Spur in der Nase hat, dann kann ihn keiner stoppen, auch nicht seine Hundeführerin Diana Hempel. Denn Paul ist ein Mantrailer, der Vermisste anhand einer Geruchsprobe aufspüren kann.

Ehemaliger Hundeführer

Seit Freitag ist Diana Hempel mit ihren Mitstreitern von „Mantrailer Rhein Ruhr“ in Dortmund unterwegs. Und sie haben berühmte Gäste: Jeff Schettler, John Salem und Kevin Baughn vom „Georgia K9 National Training Center“ in den USA. Bei dem Trio handelt es sich um weltweit anerkannte Trainer und Experten in Sachen Mantrailing. „In den USA sind die schon viel weiter als wir hier in Deutschland, was Mantrailing angeht“, erklärt Diana Hempel.

Zusammen mit Teams aus der Schweiz, Deutschland und sogar Tansania sind die Mantrailer durch Dortmund unterwegs, werden von Jeff Schettler, einem pensionierten Polizei-Hundeführer und FBI-Experten, trainiert. „Wir kooperieren seit gut einem Jahr mit den Amerikanern, sind froh, dass sie uns unterstützen“, so Diana Hempel.


“Als müsse man in einer Parfümerie Chanel No. 5 aufspüren”

Mantrailer Rhein Ruhr soll bald als Verein eingetragen werden. Zusammen mit ihrer Kollegin Anja Lausberg bildet Diana Hempel auch Mantrailer-Hunde und ihre Besitzer aus. „Wir haben schon Kontakt mit Hilfsorganisationen und der Polizei aufgenommen, wollen denen unsere Dienste anbieten“, so die Unnaerin. „Aber noch sind wir nicht einsatzfähig.“

Mantrailer seien keine Wunderhunde, sondern Tiere, deren Beutetrieb man ausnutzt, um vermisste Personen zu finden. Er kann mit hoher oder tiefer Nase suchen, auch kann er durchaus einige Meter versetzt zur Spur arbeiten. Anhand eines Geruchsartikels dieser Person sei es einem gut ausgebildeten Mantrailer möglich, der Spur des Gesuchten – auch nach mehreren Stunden und Tagen – zu folgen. Hierbei sei es völlig unerheblich, ob die Person durch bewaldetes Gebiet oder den Innenstadtbereich gegangen ist. „Dabei ist vor allem der urbane Bereich für die Hunde problematisch“, so Hempel. Denn da sei die Spur des Vermissten oft durch viele andere Spuren kontaminiert. „Das ist, als müsse man in einer Parfümerie Chanel No. 5 aufspüren.“


Die Sturheit bewahren

„Und wenn er dann erst einmal die Spur aufgenommen hat, dann gibt es wirklich kein Halten mehr für den Hund“, weiß Diana Hempel aus schmerzvoller Erfahrung. Man lege nicht so viel Wert auf Gehorsam bei den Hunden. Die Standards. Denn der Mantrailer solle möglichst eigenständig bleiben, solle sich seine Sturheit bewahren. „Denn oft steht ihm der Hundeführer im Weg, weil er vielleicht anders die Suche nach einem Vermissten bestreiten will als der Hund.“ Doch könne sich der Hundeführer auf den Jagdtrieb seines ausgebildeten Vierbeiners verlassen, „egal ob im Wald oder in der Stadt“.

GAK9 EuroConnect Training


TTTK9 Student Accomplishments

TTTK9 Student Mike ParkerCongratulations to one of our Top Students soon to be TTT trainer: Mike Parker and his partner Maverick, from Highlands Sheriff’s Office. Mike and Mav have chalked up 18 walk up finds for 2012 already! Truly amazing accomplishment. This photo was taken at our tactical tracker teams conference hosted by Derreck Bachner of Melbourne Police Dept. earlier this year. Mike, sorry for getting these kudos out so late….you probably have about 5 more finds by now!

Slovakian Student Lubomir Satora and his hound Casino!

Slovakian StudentCongratulations to our Slovakian student Lubomir Satora and his hound Casino! Lubomir and Casino were called to search for a missing 24 year old man and after several attempts at negative PLS’s, Casino was able to locate the subject. Unfortunately, the man was deceased but Casino’s work provided the family and law enforcement with closure. Great job guys! We are super proud of you.

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Anvak Marijuana Find

Ofc. John O”Donnel and K9 Anvak after a successful marijuana find in CA.   –

Anvak Marijuana Find


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Diamond Pet Food Recall

Diamond Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled some brands of dry dog and cat food that it manufactured in its Gaston, S.C. facility between December 9, 2011 and April 7, 2012 due to potential Salmonella contamination. The brands that were recalled on May 4 have not tested positive for Salmonella. The company is recalling certain batches of these brands, however, as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and their pets. Consumers should check this website for the production codes and best-before dates on the bags of recalled food, and discontinue feeding it.

To learn whether or not the brand of dog or cat food you use is included in the recall, please select it from the list below. Please note: we have issued CORRECTED production codes for all the brands below except for Apex. Each brand’s page will have the CORRECTED production codes.


Switching Dog Food Recall

FDA Pet Food Recall

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Recall — Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc. Recalls Dog Food Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

(800) 364-4863

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 8, 2012 – Solid Gold Health Products for Pets, Inc., El Cajon, California, announced a voluntary recall of one batch of WolfCub Large Breed Puppy Food and one batch of Solid Gold WolfKing Large Breed Adult Dog, both with a Best Before date of December 30, 2012, and an “X” in the 11th digit of the date code.

Solid Gold is voluntarily recalling the products below, distributed in the United States and Canada. This voluntary recall is being done out of an abundance of caution as these products were produced at the facility that has been linked to recent recalls of Diamond brand pet foods due to potential Salmonella contamination.
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Pet Food Recall Products List

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The recalls on this list are primarily Class I. Definitions of Class I, II, and III recalls. Additional information about how recalls are conducted can be found at FDA 101: Product Recalls – From First Alert to Effectiveness Checks.

Note: This compiled list represents all pet food recalled since March 2007. If and when new information is received, this list will be updated. The “Information Current as of” date provided above indicates when this Web page was updated; it does not indicate the date when the pet food recalls listed below were initiated. Once listed, each of the recalled pet food products remains listed, even if there are no new recalls associated with that product. Although we have taken care to make sure the information is accurate, if we learn that any information is not accurate we will revise the list as soon as possible. For initiation dates of specific recalls, click on the brand name and then product description links that appear on these pages. For recalls that occurred before September 1, 2008, a date range might appear in the initiation date field. The date range indicates the timeframe within which multiple recalls of this product were initiated. For recalls that occur September 1, 2008 and after, the actual initiation date of each recall event is provided for each product. If a new recall is initiated for a product that had previously been recalled before September 1, 2008, the food product will be listed again, with the new recall initiation date. If a new recall is initiated for a product that had previously been recalled after September, 1, 2008, the initiation date of the new recall event will be added to the previous date listed.

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