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Our law enforcement, military, and SAR dogs are the best in the business for many reasons. First and foremost, we are there from the beginning to the end on the breeding process. Our pups come from meticulously managed lines from the top breeders in the Country. We hand select after careful testing only the best prospects with particular attention to future work in scent detection and tracking/ trailing and nobody chooses puppies like we do. Once we choose a puppy, we start their training immediately, at 7 weeks of age! Why? It is quite simple, puppies immersed in a training program become instinctively responsive to the job. They do the work because they don’t know how to do anything else. It is their sole focus in life….work! Our dogs are the best at what they do and always will be because we spend the time to make it so. We choose and train your pup as if it was our own. When you get your dog it will not be a “green” young adult, it will be a fully functioning college graduate! TTTK9, when only the best K9 will do!


Bloodhound Program

Our bloodhound program is the same as our patrol dog program and the cost for a young adult trained from puppy-hood including health care, training, and certification is similar to any of our patrol dogs. Take home age is between 10 and 12 months old. We offer a health guarantee out to two years. We also offer complete handler courses with certification in 40, 80, and 120 hour programs in a “board & train” environment. Handlers when picking up their hounds, stay at our facility in private handler’s quarters.

Law Enforcement Bloodhound Sales Historically:

  • Bloodhounds have never really been treated like Police German Shepherds or Malinois, (GSD, Mal), from a marketing perspective and have often been freebies or “cheap” in many circles. It is also because of this philosophy that many bloodhounds do not have much of the drive and lack of fear that their patrol K9 cousins have because breeding for these qualities is so uncommon in the bloodhound world. The common denominator in the vast majority of bloodhound breeding is how the dog will look, which goes back to the show ring. We are changing that. We know what a driven, fearless hound look like. We also know what a very good working hound does. Work first, looks second and second best does not cut it when missing kids are involved.

What We Expect:

Our Bloodhounds will be tighter skinned, relatively slender, faster, more agile, more orthopedic-ally sound, and have greater stamina right out of the box. We are doing away with the huge, baggy red exposed eye, slow and fearful hounds that are so prevalent today. The show ring is irrelevant in our world; looks do not matter. We are working on true manhunter lines, we hope are second to none. We want hounds that can do what a Malinois or GSD does on the obstacle course and run for ten miles without falling apart. We want a bloodhound when experiencing unusual things, noises, or sudden surprises does not shrink from its role as a hunter but eagerly accepts all challenges. We also want a hound that has the want and desire to truly work for a human partner. These dogs will not be for someone who wants a pet because there will be too much going on upstairs.

What You Will Get From Us:

  • The model for our pups from a drive and energy standpoint will be their Malinois and GSD counterparts. That level of intensity is what can make or break a cold, hard case. We strive for breeding of hounds that will not quit and will die trying. If you have watched our GSD puppy trails then you will see what we will expect from our 13 week old hound pups: 3-400 yard trails with the person completely hidden at the end, pup working at a sprint, not giving up when turns are blown,self correcting, and not distracted. This is normally not possible at this age. However, it is what selective breeding for trailing produces. When you take that drive, retention, and tenacity and place it in a hound nose, you will have a hunting machine that will be unrivaled.
  • When you take your hound back to the department it will be pre-trained and certified out to our intermediate trailing level. If you pass our handler’s course certification than your hound will be ready to work real cases as soon as you take him or her home.

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