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Tactical Tracker School Edisto Island

Georgia K9 NTC Professional Tracker School
Edisto Island, South Carolina.

This school is truly the first of its kind in the United States. Never before has there been a full time training program specifically designed for law enforcement tracking. Unlike many other programs that concentrate on a variety of K9 disciplines, primarily detection, the Georgia K9 NTC Tracker School is pure tracking, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our program is dedicated to the tracker and we don’t do it part time or on request; we live and breathe it. Georgia K9 NTC produces and develops proven manhunters and our clients are our best advertisement.

Tactical Tracker SchoolOur specialty is hunting people and nobody does it better.  Whether you find yourself in the swaps, mountains, or city streets, Georgia K9 NTC has a program designed for you.  Jeff Schettler began this training program in 1998 and he never looked back.

Jeff produced the first California Peace Officer Standards and Training certified K9 trailing school ever. The school was a hit and to this day trains professional law enforcement K9 handlers the skills they need to hunt criminals and missing persons.  Trailing and Tracking

Jeff is also the first police K9 trainer to formally introduce tactical tracking training for SWAT teams in support of trailing K9’s.

How Do I Sign Up?

It is pretty simple. You simply need to choose how you want to train: With us at our facility on Edisto Island, SC, or in your own stomping ground- “Off Site Training”.   Both programs are highly effective; however, training at our facility is probably the most productive as you will get far more individual attention. Also, our Edisto facility rocks and you may never want to leave!



Edisto Island Training Handler's House

Edisto Island Training Handler’s House

We are the only K9 training facility that offers first class Bed & Breakfast style living quarters for not only the handler, but family members as well.  Furthermore, Edisto Island is a vacation paradise. We are conveniently located only five miles from Edisto Beach, 2 miles from Botany Bay, and Edisto Island offers some of the best fishing and hunting available in the US.  Just check out some of these photos to see what we are talking about.

Train hard all week and spend your weekend with your family fishing or kayaking. If you are a hunter, book a guided boar, turkey, deer hunt with one of our local outfitters.  Train here with us once and you will come back again and again.

We offer on and off-site training with certification in the following formats:

1) Basic Trailing:

  • This course is designed for the new trailing handler just starting out with scent discrimination and long distance trailing.  We teach you the basics of scent article production, preservation, and protection, (The Three P’s), trailing equipment, and basic handling techniques.
  • This class is five days. Day one morning is scent theory classroom with videos and slide shows. The afternoon is handler and K9 evaluations. Days 2-5 are all hands on fieldwork in the areas of K9 trailing and visual tracking.
  • 6 Student minimum for “off-site” training; 1 Trainer to 6 Student Ratio. We require a classroom with AV capability including a projector.
  • Edisto Island Tracker School Training is a maximum of 1-3 students.  We offer on site handler’s quarters that include room and board for handler’s and K9’s.  We have large 40X40’ out door dog runs as well as indoor kennels for inclement weather.
  • Our handler’s quarters are in a completely refurbished 200 year old cabin with a loft, screened in porch, kitchen, bathroom, and satellite TV.
  • **Each Student will receive a copy of Jeff’s 200 page training manual: K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path. Alpine Publications, 2010.

2) Advanced Trailing

  • This class takes over where the basic course left off.  We teach the student how to handle urban scenarios and begin to work on trailing tactics.
  • This is a five-day course of all fieldwork.  No down time in the classroom other than review of personal training video.

3) Tactical Tracker Teams

Tactical Tracker Teams

Tactical Tracker Teams

  • The TTT Course is the cream of our crop.  This is where we take hot dogs with high power tactical teams, marry them up, and turn them in to manhunter “Find ‘em and Fix ‘em”.
  • We are not just running the dogs on short little 100 yard trails with canned training results. All of our scenarios are in wilderness environments where the subject of the hunt has every chance to win. The FTX tests are double blind and the subjects as well as the team members are outfitted with M3 Platform paintball guns.  Make a mistake and you will pay for it.  We believe there is no better way to learn than reality based training
  • This course is five days with Day 1 consisting of classroom tactics training and orientation. Days 2-5 are all field work and final certification.


Tactical Tracking Programs

This course is designed to teach SWAT teams the fundamental elements of successful long-range, high-risk fugitive manhunt ops. Our program includes command post operations, tactical tracking K9 team field craft, and support unit applications. Tactical Tracker Teams

Tactical Tracker Teams

Tactical Tracker Teams


*Our trailing training has been California POST certified since 1998 and at the time, was the first program of its type.  We pioneered the K9 Trailing training method in the Golden State.


Georgia K9 Tracker School Edisto Island. Enjoy the wonders of Edisto Island its beaches and other surrounding barrier islands while training your K9.