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The art and discipline of K9 Trailing work; hunting man with dogs. Page portal to the Group Forum. Tao of Trailing is a Group by invitation only.

The art and discipline of K9 Trailing work; hunting man with dogs.


Tao of Trailing

The Tao Of Trailing is dedicated to the K9 Trailing professional. A place where all practitioners of the art can gather to discuss one of the world’s most difficult K9 deployments. The Tao in essence is success and success is quantified by finding people with dogs and not just hypothesizing about it. The page is a gateway to our group by invitation.

Our Group Forum is provided as a venue for all working dog handlers to discuss issues related to the science of human scent and K9 detection thereof in the form of on or off lead work. All K9 training and theory is welcome, however, it is highly recommended that any participating party have the data, experience, and testing procedures in place to support any claims made.

This forum is not a political forum to discuss dog causes or political beliefs about dogs or dog training. Disparaging comments to any other participant based on any political or emotional stance on dogs or dog training will not be tolerated and the poster will be permanently blocked. Profane words in any language will not be tolerated and any poster of profane language will be permanently blocked.

The science of human scent detection and scientific testing methods are the basis for our trailing standard. Double blind training and testing is the norm here.

Any party interested in K9 work and human scent detection is welcome regardless of professional affiliation. However, experience is truly important in the support of any trailing theory.

The managers on this forum have many years of trailing experience with hundreds of successful “finds”. Moderators on this forum may or may not have a similar “find” ratio but have demonstrated through double blind testing that they have the qualifications to work trailing dogs professionally. A find is defined as anytime a K9 through the use of its nose finds the intended target or physical human evidence. A corroborated or confirmed trail based on theory is not considered a find.

Keep in mind that this page is for hard handlers and harder dogs. It is about professional deployment with only one goal in mind…running bad guys into the dirt until they can’t run anymore. Hunting man is not soft or politically correct. It’s about guns, guts, and grit. If a reader can’t handle that then they are on the wrong venue and should go back to the pet pages. If you are like me and know that blood, sweat, and tears only makes dog teams stronger than you are in the right place; amongst warriors.

Videos and photos of trailing K9’s are especially welcome and open to group digestion and discussion.

Questions about trailing are encouraged and new practitioners of the art are encouraged to engage any subject. This is a forum for all trailing handlers, Military, Police, and SAR.

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