GAK9 Pilot Detector Dog Program

Basenji Detectors

GAK9 Basenji Detector DogGeorgia K9 is currently developing a line of detector K9’s unlike any seen in the industry before. More often than not, the average detector K9 is a large breed such as a German Shepherd or similar dog. These K9’s are chosen for their profession based on their train-ability and work ethic. Still, they are large and often less than agile in tight quarters. Recognizing the need for a smaller, passive style dog, Georgia K9 is currently developing a line of detector Basenjis for narcotics and explosives work. Basenjis are unique in the K9 world as they are relatively quiet and bark-less. They are also one of the world’s oldest domesticated breed. Their depictions may be seen on hieroglyphs of Egyptian Pharaohs. The Basenji is a small and extremely agile breed from the Congo in Africa. It is very passive in nature with detection work.

GAK9 Basenji Detector Dog Car Search

Do you require a dog that can jump 5 feet up at a standstill, land on dime light as a feather, and not make a sound, yet still possessing a sensitive nose on par with any typical “scenting” breed of dog? Our Basenjis may be the dog for you.

Jeff Schettler has pioneered the use of the Basenji as a working dog. Please contact us for more information.