Prescription Drug Detection

Georgia K9 NTC is one of the very few K9 Training facilities with DEA licensing for training in all narcotics schedules. Furthermore, we are pioneering new ground in the use of dogs for the detection of prescription narcotics such as:

* benzodiazepine
* alprazolam – Schedule 4
* oxycodone – Schedule 2
* xanax – Schedule 4
* oxycontin – Schedule 2
* hydrocodone – Schedule 3

Georgia K9 NTC offers some of the most modern training techniques currently available to include servo controlled narcotics boxes for food and/ or toy reward. We also offer some of the finest police K9?s currently available. We will put our locally bred dogs up against ANY import for drive, overall train-ability, and work ethic. Don?t believe it? Come see for yourself!

Prescription Detection Training Prescription Detection Training