TTTK9 Graduate Jacob Riley

This is from one of our graduates Jacob Riley from Highlands County Sheriff in Florida:

Wanted to let you know me and Wyatt caught 13 criminals and located 4 missing persons.  We also had a 22 % success rate for 2011. Thank you for your training and help. Waiting on a copy of your first book to show up to learn more.

Great work, Jacob and Wyatt!









Tactical Tracker Teams


Georgia K9 Bloodhound Trailing

Geogia k9 Trailing and Tracking


Trailing, though a relatively modern term, actually has it’s roots in English and early American history when bloodhounds were used to hunt criminals, and in the case of our original colonies, marauding native American tribes in conflict with early settlers. The hounds were “scented” on a particular human odor and allowed the freedom to follow that scent wherever it might have led. The history for this can actually be found in original want ads for the period of colonists looking for bloodhounds.

Georgia k9 Scent Training

Scent Detection Training

Trailing is a descriptive word for the art of allowing a dog to follow human scent wherever human scent might be, on the ground or in the air. It can also be taken one step further by adding scent discrimination to the equation. Each and every animal, human or otherwise, produces a distinctive odor based on species and other sub-determining factors such as infirmity, relative age, sex, and certain individual identifying traits. The amount of odor produced is dependant upon several primary factors, mental condition such as fear or anger, exertion, and relative health issues

GA K9 Trainers have set the standard for modern trailing training. Our instructors are considered expert witnesses in the areas of trailing and scent evidence. For more details on this exciting program please see our Police K9 Training, Tactical Tracker Teams.