GSDRG Puppy Testing

Kelli and Phoebe Puppy TestingPuppy Temperament Testing is used to evaluate puppies to determine each puppy’s basic personality. These tests are a good predicator of the dog’s personality, sociability, and potential train-ability at maturity. The trainers at Georgia K9 use the results of these tests as an indicator to match the puppy’s temperament with the most suitable future environment and possible employment.

This test should be done on the 49th day of the puppy’s life for the most accurate results. There are eleven standards by which trainers at Georgia K9 evaluate each puppy:

  • Approach
  • Social Acceptance
  • Following
  • Restraint
  • Forgiveness
  • Elevation
  • Retrieving
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Sound Sensitivity
  • Sight Sensitivity
  • Structure

Before you purchase/adopt a new puppy give Georgia K9 trainers a call. Our trainers are here to offer advice on breed selection, breeders, and rescue groups.

Kelli and Jeff have been long time supporters of German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Georgia and routinely provide training and services for many GSD’s in need of a home. Recently, the Georgia K9 Crew ran suitability tests with a 7 week old litter of GSD pups that will soon need homes. The testing allowed us to determine the best and most suitable home types for this litter of ten. If you would like to adopt one of these pups, please drop us a line and we will get you pointed in the right direction. All pups have been health screened and have had constant quality care from the moment they were born. German Sherpherd Rescue