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by Tiho Surdilovic on Georgia K9 Reviews
Obedience training - K9 NTC Canton GA

Dog: GSD Mia 11 monthLocation: Canton GAOur GSD Mia went through basic, intermediate, and advanced training and she will be doing elite early next year.There are so many good things I can say about the trainers at the Canton location but it all boils down to this - they are simply really really good. I have met all 3 trainers Mia has been working with and you can tell they all eat sleep and breathe training obedience to dogs. We were also lucky to develop a really nice relationship with Chase one of the trainers there who has helped me numerous times when I had random questions about certain situations when walking Mia in the park or training her at home.I think what I liked the most about sending our dog to K9 NTC is that the results were 10x more than what I honestly expected. In addition to teaching her the commands that come with each level of training lessons these guys also work with Mia on her self confidence, motivation, and proper behavior and play around people and other dogs. You leave your dog with them for a week or two and what you get back is simply a better's as simple as that.The prices they charge for obedience training is competitive and honestly at first I was a little bit concerned about if we were able to invest that much into the training. After 3 training lessons I can say that they are worth every penny. The trainers even worked with me on the payment around the holiday season when we had vacation expenses and that was a big help.One last thing - it is a little hard to comb through the tons of information on the K9 NTC website so here was what Mia was taught there so far:Basic+Intermediate training:* walking on a leash (by far the most important thing). Before Mia would pull my daughter around the park and it was especially hard around other dogs. Having a dog that will not pull on the leash and that you can control during walks is so nice.* On leash sit + down + sit-from-down and auto-sit (the down is really nice when you are walking your dogs and some kids ask you if they can pet her). The auto-sit is also nice when you cross the street or stop to talk to someone.* Introduction to training collar - nice around the house when your dog is not on the leashAdvanced training:* Drop-leash sit / Drop-leash down / Drop-leash sit from downThis comes SO handy! - I can put her in down infront of the house and go check the mail, put the trash bin in the garage, pick up the kid from the schoolbus, etc. I can put her in down in the front yard and go across the street to talk to the neighbor and she wont move. In the park you can put her in sit/down , drop the leash and go help your kid tie her shoes or whatever. I have taken her to the basketball court and put her in down and shot hoops for good 10 minutes..sooooo nice* Place: Good at home when you have company over or when you are eating dinner. Mia is at the point now where I can put her in down and she will stay in that position as long as when put in Place but I think this command will get the real benefit in elite training where they teach the dogs to look for the mat and not have to be placed on it.I know this was a lot of info -- overall I am 200% happy with the decision to take our dog to K9 NTC in Canton GA and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their dogs.

by Lindsey Martin on Georgia K9 Reviews
Tamed our Bull Terrier!

Training with GAK9 is the best investment a dog owner can make. Our bull terrier, Zelda, has the typical breed disposition: friendly, playful, rambunctious, and STUBBORN. We brought her to GAK9 for intermediate, on-leash obedience training where she learned heel, sit, stay, come, and down. GAK9 not only helped us reach our obedience goals, but the training improved our relationship with our dog, and gave us the confidence to work with her off-leash as well. She is happier, and we are happier. Zelda and I cannot recommend GAK9 highly enough - taming a bull terrier deserves 5 stars!

by Jason and Dorit on Georgia K9 Reviews
Gerta is Great!

Sam Ashby did wonders for Gerta. She was a good dog with a great personality from the day we got her, but manners were not her strong suit. A couple weeks at GAK9 under Sam's instruction got her walking on a leash and has her heeding heel, sit, down, come, at ease like a master! So very worth it! And Sam has been wonderful about making sure we know how to best communicate with and instruct Gerta to keep her listening. Oh, and even Gerta loves Sam and going back to see her in Edisto.

by Louis Broadwell on Georgia K9 Reviews
Zelda Broadwell

We searched for several weeks to find the best training facility for our German Shepard and Georgia K9 came out on top with the best reputation and reviews. That, however, was just the beginning because we wanted to make sure our dog, Zelda, would be trained properly, with love and affection, and at a decent facility. So we went to see their Edisto Island, SC facility, met the staff and were impressed. Their facility is neat and orderly, the dogs have greats training areas, sleeping quarters, play areas (multiple fenced play areas), and the entire place is safe, secure and fenced. We met with Samantha (Sam), her trainer, who gave an excellent explanation of their program and expectations, which she exceeded at every level. We initially signed up Zelda for Basic Obedience Training and were thrilled with the results so continued with intermediate, advanced, elite and even environmental training, all of which transformed Zelda into a very well behaved, very happy dog. Each time we returned, she would get excited when we entered the facility, and would really get excited to see her trainer, Sam, each time. Sam must have German Shepard blood in her veins because Zelda bonded with her just has she does us. Sam's mild spoken and calm demeanor not only resulted in a extremely successful training experience, but a very happy dog who fills our lives with joy every day. Needless to say, anybody who wants their dog trained properly and with compassion needs to consider GAK9 on Edisto Island, SC.

by Judy Taylor on Georgia K9 Reviews
Bentley on Edisto

Bentley, my goldendoodle, was out of control at 7mos. We live on Edisto and it's tourist season! What a nightmare. Bentley loves everyone and was ready to go down the road with every person, dog or moving thing. I was so afraid he would be taken or worse yet,killed. I was told about GAK9, so I checked it out. What a great facility and right here on Edisto! That's when I meet Samantha (Sam). She changed our lives for the best. In a very short time Bentley was a lot more calm and stayed in the yard. We all are much happier. I can take him out in public and he minds. We all were much happier. I highly recommend this this program. Were going on to the elite next.

by Lindsey Turner on Georgia K9 Reviews
The Best training ever!

We brought Juliet, our 8 month old pit bull to GA-K9 to go through their training program. Juliet was going to be working with me at a private school for children with special needs and she needed to be the most gentle and well behaved dog in order to do so. Her first stay with GA-K9 was for 21 days where she went through the intermediate and environmental training. It was amazing seeing how much she learned and how quickly. Her and Chase have become lifelong friends. Juliet has been amazing and is extremely smart and knows and obeys her commands very well. Whenever we travel she will always stay at GA-K9. They are the absolute best in the business and know how to train and take care of our animals.

by Jonathan Head on Georgia K9 Reviews
Captain Head

Captain, our 1 year old GSD, just completed his advanced training at GAK9. I am thoroughly impressed with him and the trainers. Everything about GAK9 is professional and top notch. Captain will be returning in the fall for Elite training and I believe he is more excited than I am to return and learn new things! I would recommend GAK9 to anyone and if you have any hesitations, simply call them or schedule a visit of their outstanding facilities. For the best training, take your pup to GAK9- Captain's orders.

by Heyward Adams on Georgia K9 Reviews
Mako Adams

Mako is my 3rd GSD. He comes from very strong working lines so picking my trainer was very important. After talking with several trainers I received a call back from Chase at GaK9. I liked his approach. We decided to get him started with socializing and Gabby was great. Chase has worked with him during the various levels of training but the other trainers also worked with Mako. I love that about GaK9! Mako had to obey and behave with a variety of trainers all using the same consistent techniques. He knows to stop and sit when I stop. He knows to lie down when I raise my hand palm side to him. I do that all the time from across the room and he goes down. No words are needed. These dogs are so smart they need real good training or they will take advantage of you. That is what we have experienced with Chase and the other trainers at GaK9. Even though Mako is obedient and has his commands down, we will continue to use GaK9 for tune ups and exposure to other dogs going through the training process. Mako loves it. I look at it as an ongoing relationship with my trainer. Chase really is more than Mako's trainer, he is Mako's friend. I've recommended Chase and GaK9 to my friends without hesitation and will continue to do so. Mako is looking forward to seeing them again in the fall!!

by Jan Lewis on Georgia K9 Reviews
Cody calms down

We were at our wits' end with a rescued Australian Cattle dog. He was just bouncing off the walls. Our vets recommended GAK9. Chase took Cody on and they became great friends. Of course, teaching the dog is one thing -- teaching the owner is the really hard part. Chase walked us through the training, reviewed our work and has stayed in touch. We have totally fallen in love with the little guy and love watching him learn new things all the time. He has traveled cross country with us twice and has been a perfect gentleman in every hotel. He is a joy to be around and we owe it all to Chase!

by Forest Knight on Georgia K9 Reviews
Roscoe The Great

It is difficult to express how amazing the GAK9 team is. They took my little St. Bernard, Roscoe, into the best trained dog in my building of 271 units. Each level of schooling he went through, he just became a better pet and companion. The only training facility I would ever take another dog would be GAK9!

by Kaitlin Baker on Georgia K9 Reviews
(Bossy) Bella Baker

I would like to give a HUGE thanks to John for working with my little girl! John met Bella when she was about 4 months old and gave us a few tips on how to raise a GSD, as Bella is my first! He laughed and said we were in for it because Bella was a little spit fire! Two months later she completed the beginners phase and came out flawless! The basic commands were perfected and my little spit fire was now a little lady! Fast forward, Bella has now completed her intermediate training and I can't thank John enough for the time and effort he has put in to training her!! I was also very pleased that I received updates on her throughout the time she was there and it was always fun to see her progress through the pictures John posted on Flickr. That being said, Bella will go on to complete advanced training and then specialty training! GAK9 in Canton will always be my number one choice!!! Thank you for everything!

by Rachel Rose on Georgia K9 Reviews
Tactical Tracking

I recently went down to GAK9 Edisto Island to do some tactical tracking and it was a real blast! The days were jam packed with great training, great people, great dogs, great food...the list goes on and on. The training was hard and exhausting but the days flew bye in one continuous blur of excitement that no one wanted to end! The accommodations were beautiful and spacious with a quaint southern charm unique to the Botany Bay Plantation area. All and all I could not of asked for more.

by Brooke Fanning on Georgia K9 Reviews
Our Hugo-Monster

Hugo, our boxer, has always been a handful. Boxers in general are typically hyper. Hugo is our third boxer and he was a little too much to handle, especially with 3 and 5-year-old boys in the house. We brought him to GA K9 and after three weeks he was a completely different dog. The trainers, especially Chase, were all wonderful. Even though Canton is an hour from our home, I still bring Hugo there for a few days every once in a while to "hang out" with Chase and his dog friends. Love this place and would recommend it and Chase to anyone!

by Denise Workman on Georgia K9 Reviews

I was at my wits end with my two boys. They were large and independent and unruly. I can't list all of the trouble they got into. Fortunately I found GaK9NTC and had the pleasure of working with Chase to train my dogs. Now they are still large with independent personalities but they are well trained with good manners and follow direction. The joy and quality of time that I can now spend with them is priceless. Chase listened to my problems, trained Mic and Tyson, Trained Me too. I can not tell you how much I appreciate his professionalism and caring. He did not stop with just the training. About a month or two later Chase followed up to see how the dogs were doing. Everyone at the facility were friendly and helpful and I was secure in knowing they were in good hands. Any dog I have in the future will be attending GaK9ntc from puppy on. Thanks again to Chase and the rest of the GaK9ntc staff.

by Mike Russell & Sarge on Georgia K9 Reviews
You have a gift putting the right dog with the right owners


Here is a Sarge (GSD) update. The pics are from the park. The kids at the park love him and he loves to go down every slide he sees. He met over 500 people, cats, dogs, deer, squirrels and everything else in between. He is smartest dog in his puppy obedience class. The other dogs in my class did NOT do social training and it shows how important social training really is. I had my doubts then I met dogs that have serious issues and was thankful you and Gabby pounded that social training is the most important thing a puppy can do. He can sit, lay, stay (30 seconds or less LOL), fetch, drop it (most of the time) and the new trick today is "place". That's where he goes to his bed in the kitchen and waits for a treat. The vet said he is an outstanding GSD and is very healthy. He won best dog of the day and got free heartworm meds from the vet. Potty training never happened because he NEVER had an accident. Please read that one again. I never even heard of this ever before but I listen to Sarge and gives me signals and his schedule helps. That in itself explains how special Sarge really is. Potty training was my biggest fear but it was never an issue.

There is more he does but I can't remember everything because I think he smarter then me sometimes. He always is with me and watches everything I do except when he plays with my other dogs then only a nuclear bomb will distract him. I'm dropping him off for basic training with Gabby and Chase the beginning of November. They are the best dog trainers I ever met and I'm doing private lessons once a week with Chase and Gabby until I drop him off. They think he will master obedience with no issues and he will be a great dog for me. Sarge is my best friend and I'm very thankful for what you did for me. I needed Sarge more than words can describe. You found me the perfect dog and I love him very much. I'm so lucky you did not take him to South Carolina because I can't see me with another GSD except Sarge.

That's it for now but I wanted to say Thank You for what you do. You have a gift putting the right dog with the right owners. It was worth every penny and worth waiting. Everyone always asks about him and I tell them call GA K9 before you even think about getting a dog.


Mike Russell and Sarge (GSD)

by Rex Lee on Georgia K9 Reviews
Unbelievable Wild Dog Training

I write this review with total admiration for the unbelievable results that were achieved with a 1 year old Sheba Inu we have named Jabi. The Jabi Team(As they called themselves) were led by Gabriel Blake and what an awesome job she did in getting a basically wild thinking animal to trust her to the extent of learning what her place was in her families life. GAK9 did a 6 week program with Jabi and kept us up to date weekly with progress photos and emails to let us know how our girl was doing. This experience although we did miss Jabi was necessary and our family including Jabi have reaped the rewards of the very diligent and hard work of this GAK9 Jabi Team. I would truly recommend sending any dog to this group and know that you will be happy with the results of the training your family member will receive. As for Jabi, she has remembered everything she has been taught and loves the time we spend training and making sure she stays on top of her game.

by Mary Ivester on Georgia K9 Reviews
Saved my dog's life!

When I got my dog, Django, as a puppy, I immediately noticed that he was a little more to handle than I had bargained 9 weeks he completely destroyed the bathroom cabinets in my rental house, at 10 weeks he dug under my fence and dug up my neighbor's garden, at 12 weeks he escaped again and got into a fight with my neighbor's full grown GSD and had to have emergency surgery, and his track record doesn't stop there. I had the options to get him trained or to put him down, which is when I found GAK9. Hands down, taking Django there was the best decision of both of our lives. When I first got there, Amy helped me decide the best program for him, and she assured me that my baby would be well taken care of (which he was). They didn't make me feel bad about my phone calls that came at least twice a day to make sure my baby was ok, and I loved seeing the pictures of his training and playing in the yard. When I went to pick him up, I watched from the upstairs window while he did a demo with Gabby of his new training, and he was so good I started to cry. A year later, he is still the most behaved dog I've ever seen, and now I'm able to bring him everywhere and brag about him without worrying what he would tear up next. He's more socialized, so no more fights with the neighbor dogs, he actually comes back when I call him, and best of all, he doesn't tear things up anymore! Thank you so, so much GAK9 for giving me the dog of my dreams!!!

by Matthew Turner on Georgia K9 Reviews

I have worked bloodhounds for 8 years, my new partner purchased from Georgia K9 NTC is possibly the best hound I have ever worked. Her results speak for themselves. I have deployed her twice on criminal tracks with 3 suspects caught (two on one trail). The training, more specific the Proximity Alert Jeff and the instructors teach will no doubt one day save you life. I have been to several training venues over my K9 career, and I cannot think of one that even comes close to the training I received with the instructors Kent Stuart, Kelli Collins, and Jeff. It is hard to put into words just how happy I am with Georgia K9. Superior instructors, Superior training, and phenomenal dogs

by Diana New on Georgia K9 Reviews
Great trainers, great facility!

Gracie completed intermediate training with GAK9 earlier this year, and we have been thrilled with the results. Gracie goes with us everywhere, and we have gotten so many compliments on her behavior and control. She makes friends wherever she goes, and we could not be more thankful for GAK9, including Chase, Gabby and the rest of the staff. Thank you for all of your hard work with her, and with us. We learned just as much as Gracie did!

by Sandra Powell on Georgia K9 Reviews
Exceeded Expectations

Our 6 month old labradoodle puppy, Dexter, spent 3 weeks at GAK9 NTC for intermediate obedience & environmental training! We are beyond impressed with his training and how supportive the entire team has been during & after his training! The trainers, Gabby, Amy, Chase, & Diana, kept us updated on his progress and any recommendations during his board and train program! Dexter gets so excited when we go back for our follow up meetings! Not only did he enjoy his time but he learned skills that allow us to have him out in the community! Thanks GAK9- You guys are the BEST!

by Christine M. on Georgia K9 Reviews
I cannot recommend them highly enough

Posted on Yelp

Our rescued Great Dane was very territorial, nipped visitors, and attacked other dogs. Other training had helped, but had not addressed the root of our dog's problems. We were in the car on the way to the vet to euthanize him when we heard about Georgia K9 from another trainer. We boarded Hank with GA K9 for four weeks; he took the basic course and the "environmental" course, which helped him deal with being out in public.
We saw photos of Hank's training nearly every day and got regular emails detailing his progress. He returned to us a much happier and more confident dog.

The entire staff there is calm, positive, and very, very competent. They not only trained Hank, they trained us to help Hank behave well, which he really wanted to do. We had three follow-up visits with them, one of which was in our home so they could assess how Hank was doing in his daily environment and (as needed) correct our behavior with Hank.
One thing I really liked about GA K9 was their honesty: After working with Hank, they told us that he would probably not be a "dog park dog" who loved meeting everyone and playing with other dogs; and that we needed to adjust our expectations accordingly. It helped so much to be reminded that every dog is different and has different needs.
This group really, really knows what they are doing. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

by Camilla P. on Georgia K9 Reviews
I would give them 10 stars!

Posted on Yelp

Two of my dogs have just completed obedience and environmental training at GA K-9, and I could not be more pleased. One of my dogs, an extremely fearful rescue, gained tremendous confidence thanks to Amy's innovative, tailor made plan for him and the commitment of Gabby, Chase, Laura, Renee, and all the staff. They went above and beyond for this boy with special needs. My other dog flourished in the hands of these wonderful trainers and now loves his workouts at home. He has gone from a lovable, happy, rowdy, exuberant dog to a lovable, happy, very well-mannered, and much calmer dog.

I have had rescues for 30 years, and have gone through many different training programs with my dogs. GA K-9 is the best. The facility is impressively clean and the program extremely well-run. The staff at GA K-9 under the remarkable Kennel Master Amy Wright, are of the highest integrity and are the most professional trainers I've ever encountered. I would give them 10 stars!

by Diana Hempel on Georgia K9 Reviews
Trainer Training

I'm back from my eight week trainer course with Georgia K9 NTC. I went through a trainer training program for K9 Obedience and K9 Behavior. Kennel Master Amy Wright, Gabby Straub and Chase Hagerman taught me to train dogs and their owners. It was a pleasure to work with these trainers. I never learned so much about dogs as in this time. I was impressed by the trainer s enormous knowledge and their efficiency to work with dogs.

GAK9 trainers are able to find solutions in a really short time and they work on behavioral problems very successfully. I learned a lot about dog behavior, behavior problems, timing and motivation.

Thank you very much to all team members for sharing the knowledge with me. And thank you very much to Kelli Collins and Jeff Schettler for this great chance. It was the best way for me to learn about working with dogs.

Diana Hempel, Germany

by Kay Howden on Georgia K9 Reviews
Great Experience!!

The Eureka Police K9 Unit just finished a week of Jeff's Tactical Trailing in Northern California. Without reservation it was THE BEST investment our agency has made on a training seminar. Jeff's knowledge and experience are un-matched, but it's his teaching style and commitment to individualized instruction that really set him apart from other trainers. Each of our teams ended the week feeling energized and positive about the progress made under Jeff's guidance. A special thanks also, to his dedicated and extremely professional support staff! We look forward to having him out next year for the full tactical program.

by Kim Burnsworth on Georgia K9 Reviews
They are the best!

I just finished the basic Obedience Training with my Westie and I cannot say enough about the people at GAK9. Specifically Amy and Gabby were so helpful and are just great to work with. My stubborn little westie is well behaved and a joy to be around. I am now taking my 12 wwek old GSD for puppy school and intend to do take her as far as we can in her training. Thanks you to GAK9, they are wonderful and I would reccomend them to anyone.

by Linda Binkley on Georgia K9 Reviews
Will Not Be Disappointed!

I recently had the pleasure of spending a week on Edisto Island with Jeff and Kelli. What an awesome location with every possible training site at our hands. The accommodations were perfect and the hospitality far and above.

I have had the opportunity to attend GAK9 SAR trailing seminars five times in the past few years. I was fortunate to have Jeff as an instructor several times and learned a tremendous amount from him and the other instructors. Jeff has a realistic “no fluff” approach to trailing and instructing. He is honest about what he is seeing and has great integrity in his training methods. His years of working dogs, and training numerous teams, shows in his well delivered style of teaching. Jeff is able to quickly adapt to each handler and dog, feeling and seeing what each team needs to make progress. He instructs with a play by play narrative while you are working. This allows you to try and catch the behaviors of your dog or handling skills as they are happening. You will be sure to learn a great deal, not only from your personal instruction but the critiques he gives other students as well.

Anyone who has the opportunity to attend a seminar with Jeff will not be disappointed. Just remember to open your eyes to realistic trailing. With this thought process you will be able to make leaps and bounds in you and your dog’s abilities.

Thanks for a wonderful week!

by Alis Dobler, Marco Bisang & Cannelle on Georgia K9 Reviews
Simply the BEST

Jeff invited us to spend 2 weeks of training at his place in Edisto Island, SC. Loving the sea and working dogs we couldn't refuse. Not only did we have the best training one can imagine but Jeff & Kelli made sure we enjoyed other things in life. Good food, good beer and wonderful places are what awaits you there.

In my eyes Jeff is one of the best trainer a dog handler can wish for. Contrary to many trainers Jeff doesn't want you to like him and would highlight the mistakes you make. He is fair, calm and sees everything. He can read dogs like no one and most important he can teach. He is not stingy with his knowledge and is not afraid to share it. He is very honest and would never say something just to make you happy.

During these 2 weeks we stayed at the cabin. A wonderful cosy place with a chimney for fire in the evening. For us it was perfect.

I can only recommend anyone to attend this K-9 Handler's course. Beginners or experienced handler I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Thanks Jeff & Kelli for this amazing time. We will never forget it. It was our first time in the US but definitely not the last.

Greetings from Switzerland
Alis, Marco & K-9 Cannelle

by jean-Marc et Fabienne MATTERN on Georgia K9 Reviews
notre séjour à Edisto

We spent 15 days wonderful at Edisto in your company. you are welcoming people and warm, we shared with you your joy and your knowledge. Jeff you have shown patience and professionalism, you always acts with respect to persons as dogs, you knew transmit us your knowledge with passion, but always with humility. We had a very good teacher but also friends.

by Sgt. Marty Mahon on Georgia K9 Reviews
K9 Trailing Course held at South San Francisco Police Department

The South San Francisco Police Department K9 Unit held a 4-day trailing course. Jeff Schettler and Kevin Baughn were the instructors for the course. I was highly impressed with the knowledge and experience from both instructors, as they were both police dog handlers. Our K9 Unit had 6 dogs attend the course, and by the end of the 4 days all of them were trailing on hard surfaces. It was truly impressive of what the instructors taught the dogs to do in such a short amount of time. If you are looking for a top notch trailing course, I HIGHLY recommend Jeff Schettler from Georgia K9.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marty Mahon
Police Sergeant & K9 Unit Supervisor

by Kathryn and Al Fazio on Georgia K9 Reviews

We had the privilege of having Kelli choose a GSD puppy for us. We explained that we wanted a family dog that would also be great protection, if needed. Her knowledge and instinct about dogs is incredible and it shows in the fact that the 6 month old male that she picked for us is absolutely perfect! We love him!

Before Kahn came to live with us, he spent time at the GAK9 facility in Edisto Beach for his obedience and intermediate obedience training. It was wonderful being able to bring a well-trained GSD into our home. The transition and adjustment was smooth and we had relatively few issues due to the fact that Kelli and Jeff and their staff did such a great job. We are currently in the follow-up training with them and when we meet with Kelli, it is so helpful to have her correct us as we correct Kahn!

Kelli and Jeff are so very knowledgable not only about training, but also about dogs. The wealth of information that they have is invaluable and it is great that they are willing to pass that knowledge to their clients. They really know their stuff!

Thank you, Kelli and Jeff, for bringing Kahn into our lives! You guys rock!

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Ken Owen

This organization is excellent! We have used them twice with both our springer spaniels and the results have been more than expected. Our pet’s are now very well mannered in public and they really enjoy going back to board whenever we go out of town. [Read this review on Google]


Alex Raybuck

Georgia K9 is a first class training facility with outstanding staff. I sent my Boston Terrier, Stanley, there for basic obedience training, and wow, what a difference did it make! Stanley, started his training as a very stubborn high-energy puppy, and came home two-weeks later a well mannered, fun loving dog. I couldn’t be more pleased with the training that Chase Haggerman and GA K9’s staff provided my dog and me.


Rich Monyer
I started our 12 wk old GS out with a trainer whose credentials were excellent having achieved national recognition with several of her dogs in Obedience categories. She was excellent and our Kona responded very well. However her method of constant “treating” with cut up hot dogs turned me off. When we would go home and do follow up homework before the next lesson Kona did okay but was always looking for the hot dog and also anticipating the next move. He caught on quickly and it became a game as to when he was to follow the command. I didn’t like this.When it came to discipline/correction she used grabbing and squeezing his snout until he squealed. I never did like that but it seemed to work so I let it go and Kona responded to it until after about a month he went to grab a piece of hot dog that she dropped and grabbed his snout and squeezed. For the 1st and only time he growled seriously and grabbed her wrist with his teeth…. [Continue Reading this review on Google]


Bob Massey
I met Jeff as he was just starting to get into training handlers and K9s as a business. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more honest or more dedicated trainer. He is also one of the very few to post free training videos for the benefit of everyone in the Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue community. He puts new material up almost every day. Jeff’s organization is a testament to the integrity of his character and his desire to make us all better dog handlers.
Cayman Canine
I am a full time state police k9 handler and have 5 years of k9 experience, working 2 different police dogs on the street in that time. I recently was fortunate enough to have had one week of trailing school with Georgia K9 and Jeff Schettler on Edisto Island SC. It was awesome!! Jeff and Tara (and Harmony and Cooper) are extremely dedicated and knowledgeable about tracking/trailing. Jeff was able to read my dog, and quickly know his strengths and weaknesses (as well as mine) and build constructive scenarios to help us improve as a team. And his ability to video our trails, as well as produce the google maps that show exactly where the tracklayer went and where my dog trailed, proved to be invaluable. I loved how we could later “watch tape” like a football coach and discuss what we were seeing. I was extremely impressed with the training program and the thought that goes into its principles. I would highly recommend training with Jeff and GAK9 whether you are a beginner or experienced, or anywhere in between. [Read this review on Google]


Marlena Washington

There really are no words to describe Georgia K9. They are simply amazing. They were able to take my 10 month old beagle, Dwezel, in for advanced obedience training and produced nothing short of a miracle. The before and after behavior with him is truly impressive. Imagine a dog with terrible leash walking skills (even PetSmart couldn’t get him to heel!), jumping, distraction prone, and stubborn tendencies. That dog doesn’t exist anymore thanks to Georgia K9. They laid a solid foundation for him and it’s up to me to continue, which goes with their motto “Use it or Lose it!” They said this was a lifestyle change and they are correct. He’s like a completely new dog! So much so that my neighbors have complimented his behavior in not going after other dogs causing a scene while on walks and his obedience when asked to do commands. He’s so much calmer than before to the point I wondered if they had switched my dog with an alien pod-animal! The trainers there are the real stars though because they were so professional, had amazing patience with Dwez and myself, kept me informed through emails and phone calls, and took amazing care of my dog during the boarding. They knew his little quirks and how to go about getting him to succeed despite his nose and stubborn behavior. If I ever get another dog, they will be trained with Georgia K9 and I make it a point to tell everyone about them when asked. Thanks, Georgia K9! [Read this review on Google]


Stephen Butterworth

We adopted a young nervous GSD mix from a shelter last summer and wanted her to experience obedience and environmental training. Having used GA K9 for both training sessions, she’s much better although still very distracted, playful and at times, nervous. Clearly there are some traits from her past we can’t fix but as another reviewer pointed out, she’s destined to be a great pet and companion, nothing more. Since then, we have used and will continue to use GA K9 for boarding when we are away. The dog loves being there and has a great time, especially when playing with the others. Just a pity we can’t board her favourite Russian Blue cat with her :) I highly recommend GA K9 for their excellence in training and boarding.

[Read this review on Google]


Cat Bav

Georgia K9 is incredible! The staff is, without exception, extremely knowledgeable, and wonderful to all the dogs.They answered every question I had and replied to every email I sent while our dog, Jake, was there for three weeks for advanced training. Jake started out very insecure and had a lot of bad habits, such as running out of our yard, pulling hard on the leash when being walked, and basically not listening to anything we told him to do. The difference in Jake after three short weeks was nothing short of a miracle! He was a new dog – confident and as obedient as anyone could hope for. Walking him now is a joy, and I can’t tell you how many of our neighbors have commented on what a wonderful dog is has become. I am referring everyone I know to NGK9. They are awsome! [Read this review on Google]


Google User

Hoping this will eventually make it to Jeff….thank you for the videos, books, and sage advice. My bloodhound and I, members of a SAR team in Colorado, had our first mission find this week. Your insights into the world of Bloodhound handling have helped us down a path that I never expected. When watching your training videos I felt like I was on the lead. Keep your eye on the dog, he will tell you what you need to know from the start through to the proximity alert to keep you safe. Thank you….Colorado SAR Field Team Leader [Read this review on Google]


Kim Burnsworth

GA K9 is awesome! Amy Gabby and Chase are the best. I sent my GSD puppy Hayden to them for basic, intermediate and advanced training and I cannot express enough on how helpful they were. Gabby was simply wonderful and was so helpful to me in training Hayden. They are so passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. I would recommend them to anyone! If you want a well trained, happy dog … go to GA K9. [Read this review on Google]


Josh McArthur

Georgia K9 provided a great learning experience for our Labradoodle Charlie. We have nothing but good things to say about the training he received during his stay. The facility, the trainers, and the quality of training are top notch. Our puppy started his training at 16 weeks of age with the basic obedience program and will continue to train through the advanced stages with GAK9. During an hour long follow up visit after his initial week long session Charlie did not want leave the grounds at GAK9. He seemed to truly enjoy the training and environment. Stop searching today and schedule training with GAK9, you will not be disappointed. [Read this review on Google]


Laura Speer

We have a loveable pit bull that had a bad habit of jumping and mouthing. We feared her normal puppy-like behavior would be misinterpreted by others, so we decided to have her trained. One of our policeman friends suggested Georgia K9 and this was money well spent! Sami no longer jumps or mouths plus she is the best behaved dog in the family (and neighborhood)! She is a joy to take on a walk and we feel much more confident about her behavior around new people and especially kids.The “place” command is wonderful! No more lurking at the table while we eat; she just stays on the mat. We opted for the live-in training. It was not cheap, but when you consider that we have 18 years ahead of us with a well-trained dog, it was well worth it. [Read this review on Google]

Mike Daugherty

Oscar, was very anxious, insecure and dominant. He also would snap at people that he was introduced to, especially women. We took him to GA K9 on the advice of our veterinarian. We enrolled Oscar for the three week training – through advanced obedience. He is now a new dog. He is not nearly as anxious and we know how to control him in situations where he feels insecure. He is a joy to walk and play off-leash with. We often meet people and dogs on our walks, and he sits and stays until we move on – something he would not do before his training. We board Oscar at GA K9 when we travel. He loves the activity that he gets there, and his social skills get reinforced. We recommend GA K9 without qualification. [Read this review on Google]

Scott Stovall

GA K9 is AWESOME! Sarge’s time at GA K9 truly changed our relationship. He’s attentive to me, watches for my reaction, and guidance. The come, sit, place, and off leash handling commands are a dream come true. If things do not go completely to my plan these days, it is because I have not spent enough time reinforcing what he learned. It was money well spent. It was not cheap, but worth EVERY penny. I recommend to ever dog owner I know. It is obvious everyone that works there loves dogs, and their jobs. It was weird leaving him there for three weeks, but man, what a complete joy to be with now. DO IT, go there, and GET ER DONE! Scott Stovall, and Sarge. [Read this review on Google]

Post Training by Amy and Tank Dorontich

Ok, I’ve turned into that weird dog lady. LOL. I took your advice and Tank and I went off to Petsmart, Target and Lowe’s. He did extremely well. It took him a few minutes in Petsmart (the 1st place we went) but then he settled right in. We then walked down past a whole bunch of stores and strange objects to Target where we sat out in front of the doors and tons of people went past. The whole time he was on either sit or down. Then we made our way down to Lowe’s where we did it all over again. 3 employees came out to pet him and then they all were like “you can bring him in the store where it’s cooler” so off we went. What a Good Boy he was!!!! He was so patient and well mannered when kids and adults were petting him and saying how pretty he was. You guys did such a wonderful job with him. It’s such a pleasure going places now. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know of Tank’s new adventures. Oh yeah, there were lots of loud noises and tons of distractions and he listened to me so well. I seriously can’t thank you enough. Hope all is well with everyone there (especially those little pups). We’ve also been to different walking trails where he loves to explore the whole time while completely listening to me. I haven’t dared to let him off his leash at those places. I couldn’t bare it if he took off on me for some weird reason but he does so much better in front of the house and in the back off leash. One more thing, he held “place” for 3 hours!!! Yep, what a good boy!!!!
Take care,
Amy and Tank Dorontich

Central Fl Manhunter ‎ – Nov 26, 2011

Just tell them what you want and they deliver . I am on my second K9 with four years of handling. Jeff tailored my training and gave me exactly what my K9 partner and I needed to be better Man Hunters. Hint: Jeff’s small evaluation may not be for the faint of heart but he will tell you exactly what you need and teach you how to obtain that level. GAK9’s staff and Kelli were awesome. Kelli was more than happy to assist me on her private time with canine explosive detection even though my agency was paying for tracking/trailing training. The staff was more than helpful reference canine care and training. Second hint: forget your per diem and stay at the K9 B&B. The accommodations are great; Jeff, Kelli and the GAK9 staff  [Read Full Review..]

Atlanta‎ – Jun 18, 2011

STOP YOUR SEARCH AND CALL THEM TODAY! After loosing a our German Shepherd to age and a spinal issue,my wife and I decided to look for another Shepherd because we love the breed and have owned them for 15+ years. We adopted a male about 8 months old and wanted to have him trained however didn’t know what kind of training to go with ( agility, trailing, tracking, drug detection, Search and Rescue ). I called several dog training companies in Atlanta and all but one which was almost 2 hours away had the typical over the phone sales pitch which didn’t settle very well with us. After a bit more searching I ran across Georgia K9 and called regarding their training programs and was told the earliest consultation was 1 week off. This was a far different answer than I got from the other 4 companies I called. I learned shortly thereafter that Kelli the owner was a police officer and had extensive training specifically with the German Shepherds in numerous area of which we still didn’t know what we wanted to train our pup for  [Read Full Review..]


George‎ Feb 21, 2011

Beyond Approach!!! If you are looking for a professional K9 SAR Trailing School, then look NO FURTHER! I have now taken 4, week long classes with Jeff and Kelli and am scheduled for my 5Th class in May of 2011, and though their classes are not for the weak minded or out of shape handlers or dogs. I promise you, you will get the best K9 SAR Trailing class on the market today. They will challenge you and your K9 in every facet of K9 SAR Trailing and when you think they have nothing else to challenge you with they will once again blow your mind. If you are looking for experienced K9 handlers to train you without pumping sunshine up your _ _ _ _ , and giving you an up front and honest assessment of you as a handler and your K9 then this is with out a doubt the school for you. Their staff, facilities, training techniques and abilities to work with you to solve just about any problem in training you could come across, is of the highest standards as well as the most state of the art training you could get [Read Full Review…]


Les‎ – Feb 20, 2011

Awesome training! The SAR trailing program is unique and more than met my expectations during a recent one week stay. The entire staff is capable and helped us with some diverse and challenging training opportunities. Not only are Jeff and Kelli both very experienced handlers in their own right but they are also excellent teachers, as well. Most importantly, they have helped me become a more observant handler and hence a more capable member of our SAR team here on the Oregon Coast. The insight and critique provided have been invaluable and greatly improved our ability to help others. The GAK9 NTC facility is also first class; extremely well managed and equiped with the latest technology. Can’t say enough about the B&B training program! Les and K9 Queich (Qwik), Tillamook County Sheriff Search & Rescue Team [Read Full Review..]

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 Janine‎Jan 4, 2011

Frustrating to FANTASTIC! Our 6 month old German Shepherd pup “Patience” attended another training course with us prior to giving it our all with Georgia K9 National Training Center. The entire staff is reliable and sensitive to both our dog’s and our needs now and throughout the entire program. The online photos were a HUGE bonus for us as we are 6 hours from their training center. The Advanced Obedience program is well worth the price, and provides the piece of mind that Patience will be safe due to her discipline and focus learned from this solid training program. The facility is CLEAN, well managed; highly recommended! [Read Full Review..]


James‎ – Oct 28, 2010

Great Trainers – Great People I have been working with Jeff and Kelli for the past few months with my German Shepherd, Colt. The progress we have made is unbelievable! I still can’t believe that my dog is as obedient as he is. In the past he would jump on guests, urinate when new people came into the house, and pretty much make up his own rules. Since working with GAK9 Colt is now well into his advanced off lead obedience and is improving every week. He does much better around other dogs, and he has much more confidence in new environments. Most importantly, they have taught ME how to handle the dog and correct problem behaviors the right way. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be if I had not gone to see them. Their facility and team is top notch! Highly recommended! [Read Full Review..]


Service Dog Training

Georgia K9 Service Dog Training

Jun 19, 2010

Riley’s awesome trainers. Kelli and Jeff are in the process of training Riley as a Service Dog for my son, Is, and they have done a tremendous job with this endeavor. One of the best decisions I have ever made was setting up a meeting with them and believing in their vision. Taking into account the different service dog programs with various ideas of when/how to introduce the “dog and his person”, I have no doubt that their style of training is the best way to go and I would venture to say that anyone who has witnessed the bond between Is and Riley would feel the same way. In Is’ words…Kelli and Jeff ROCK :) [Read Full Review..]


Jun 18, 2010

 Wouldn’t go anywhere else! I can not thank both Kelli and Jeff enough for the work they have done with my 5 year old german shepherd and probably most importantly, with me. I was on the verge of having to find a new home for my dog, Bo, because his behavior was getting out of control. I had been to MANY different vets and trainers and so forth, but nobody seemed to be able to offer any helpful feedback, until I met Jeff and Kelli. They trained me on how to handle my 90 pound baby and how to take charge and show him that I am in control and that he is not. They changed our lives and I am now able to take him with me everywhere. I was also able to rescue another dog and with the skills that I learned from Kelli and Jeff, I was able to train her as well as Bo!! My shepherd is still a pretty high maintance dog and I when I need to go out of town, Jeff and Kelli are the only ones that I can leave Bo with and know he is getting the care he needs. [Read Full Review..]

jeff‎ May 7, 2010

Georgia K9 State and Federal Trade Marks The Georgia K9 trade mark is a federal and state registered trade mark owned exclusively by Kelli Collins; General Partner, Georgia K9 NTC. To verify ownership of this trademark, simply go to the United States Trademark and Patent Web site and submit a query or use this link: The Georgia State Trademark is also owned exclusively by Kelli Collins since March 2005. To verify, please go to: The domain name: has been exclusively owned since it’s inception in March 2005 by Kelli Collins and no other owner. To verify this information, simply query a Whois domain name search. The review below is spam and it appears that the writer’s grammar may support this hypothesis. [Read Full Review..]


Mar 6, 2010

K9 Experts When it comes to professionalism and innovation within the K9 Training field, there truly is no better team. I started the Trailing Course with my German Shepherd, Minka, at 9 weeks old. Now almost a year later she is a phenomenal working dog and it could not have been done without GA K9. Jeff is truly a one on one instructor and not only gets in tune with the dog, but the handler as well. GA K9 provides incredible hands on learning for any handler, Law Enforcement, SAR, of just house hold pet. [Read Full Review..]

Mar 4, 2010
Stellar Training I recently completed a week of training at the GA K9 NTC and left there with a very clear understanding of what we needed to work on and how to plan our training at home to improve our effectiveness as a trailing team. The attention to detail was both refreshing and appreciated, and will go a long way in making me a better handler. Jeff and Kelli have a good eye for K9 trailing behavior, and were very helpful at pointing out what I was missing and showing me how to work with my partner to achieve our training goals. The training is tailored to the individual teams ability and needs, and progresses at the teams pace, allowing time for the necessary foundation work. The entire week was full of learning opportunities, both on and off the field! Nina Spiegle and K9 Maya, Canine Handler, ISRCH, Northern Illinois – Southern Wisconsin [Read Full Review..]

Mary‎ – Mar 2, 2010

First Rate Training-a truly formidable team! I can’t say enough about the excellence of GA K9 NTC’s training! I recently attended their facility [which was excellent all around!] for a week of SAR training with my young Bloodhound. Their attention to detail & foundation work is first rate. Even more important, they made sure I understood the principles so that I was able to leave feeling that I now had tools to be able to formulate my own lesson plans, enabling me to make progress once I returned home…not like I was suddenly set adrift. I plan to further our education by continued, regular work with Jeff, Kelli and their instructors. I feel confident they will provide the education & challenges we need to help us become the best trailing team we can be. I also count on them to firmly haul me ‘back to basics’ when we discover holes in my foundation work! When the time comes to look for another K9 partner I certainly plan to avail myself of their stellar puppy evaluation services. I had the privilege of sitting in on an [Read Full Review..]


Kelly‎Mar 1, 2010

Top Training Academy! The quality of the Georgia K9 trainers, and their reliance on effective, research-based training techniques make them integral to K9 Search and Rescue training programs among SAR teams throughout the Pacific Northwest. As a marquee draw to the top SAR training conferences and mentors to some of the most frequently called SAR teams in the region, they have had a profound impact on the quality and reliability of search dogs in areas where search missions are both numerous and challenging. Kelly Slocum, President/K9 Handler Columbia Search and Rescue Alliance SW WA State [Read Full Review..]


Mar 1, 2010

Excellent training facility I have personally stayed at this facility to train my bloodhound Moonshine. The accommodations are top notch as well as the living conditions. This was very important to me since I flew from California to train at the facility. I used the facility to train my bloodhound for trailing work. Jeff and Kelly are very versed in SAR trailing work. Between the two of them they have a wealth of knowledge and are eager to pass this along.. I look forward to future trailing/training opportunities with them. If you are LE or SAR dont pass this opportunity of top notch training. [Read Full Review..]

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