Tactical Tracker Team Videos

TTTK9 Dual K9 FTX High Risk Trailing

This trail is double blind meaning that nobody inducing the instructors, know where the suspects are or what they did. Real training with real testing for Tactical K9 Applications. If you choose to hunt humans professionally, then you have chosen to embark on a potentially dangerous journey that few can imagine let alone take. For a true hunter of man is the ultimate predator. None of nature’s predators compare to the human hunter.
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Tactical Extraction and Trail

Melbourne PD TTTK9 Tactical Tracker Team School. Police Officer Extraction after ambush, subsequent tactical trail with SWAT, booby trap and ambush detection. Courtesy of: Melbourne PD SWAT, Melbourne PD K9, First Flight Air Ops. Special thanks to K9 Officer Derreck Bachner for facilitating this training. Life saving work!

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Carl and K9 Cougar at our Canton, GA, training working a very high find in semi-urban environment.

Georgia K9’s Tactical Tracker Teams
K9 Corps Urban Trailing Seminar 2011.

This is a human scent trail problem. The K9 must choose the proper trail (discriminate) and be focused on it quarry (discriminate) and ID the proper person.

Off Lead Trailing – JC Penny

Off Lead Trailing Warehouse

Human Flags