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When it is time to find the new family dog it can be a very exciting and confusing process all at the same time. Everyone has an idea of what is best. When families visit a new litter of puppies, each family member can have a different opinion.  The problem with this process is that the method used to choose is often based on emotion and not what might be the best traits of a puppy for the family.

Kelli and Phoebe Puppy TestingEvery puppy has basic traits that are indicative of what it will be as an adult dog.  The problem is the average person can often misconstrue these traits and what was thought to be a lively, family focused puppy may turn out to be an aggressive, dominant maintenance problem.

Georgia K9 NTC Trainers have pioneered puppy testing for future service dogs for children with disabilities. These dogs once mature, must perform a vital function for the child in question and mistakes are not an option.  We use a modified version of this testing process for all of our police and search & rescue working dog candidates. We are now offering the same program for families wanting the perfect family dog.

Our testing process is fairly long and very specific and once it is complete, the family dog candidate is brought back to our facility for further observation, socialization, and testing.  After approximately two weeks, the candidate is placed with the family for bonding time from about 10 weeks of age to 16 weeks.

At 16 weeks old, the puppy returns to Georgia K9 NTC for advanced obedience training.  The process takes approximately three weeks and when we are done, the puppy will be respond to on and off leash commands that all of your neighbors will envy.  Once we train the puppy in obedience, we then train the family over the course of about four to six lessons.

As the puppy matures, we continue to monitor its progress and work with the family on any problems that might arise.  If the family has an interest in other types of dog work such being the family guardian, we can provide the training necessary once the dog has fully matured.

We do not just train your dog, we stay connected with you and constantly monitor and advise as your puppy matures into the family dog you always wanted. Nobody does it like we do.


So, How Do We Get Started?


This process is actually quite simple and Georgia K9 NTC trainers can help guide you through each and every step of our Nine-Step Plan.

  1. Choose the breed of dog that you have an interest in. Not sure about the breed? Let us help you make the decision during our family interview.
  2. A Georgia K9 NTC trainer will meet with the family for an interview to discover the dog traits most suitable for the home.
  3. Georgia K9 NTC Trainers will screen the best breeders in the industry for appropriate litters. We know how to look at pedigrees and health records.
  4. Once a breed and breeder has been selected, we will test the litter for suitability at ages of 7-9 weeks.
  5. The selected puppy will return to our facility and stay with us for about two more weeks of evaluation, socialization, and testing.
  6. At about 10 weeks old, the puppy will go home to bond with the family. We will provide puppy preschool classes for the family on weeks 10, 11, and 12.
  7. At 16 weeks of age the puppy will return to Georgia K9 NTC for advanced, off lead training.
  8. The family will attend 4-6 lesson with a Georgia K9 Trainer to show you how we trained your dog.
  9. As the dog matures we will evaluate the progress and help to determine any other type of work the dog might be able to perform for the family. We will also be available for unlimited advice by phone.

Are you ready to make the best family dog choice for your home? Call a Georgia K9 NTC trainer today!

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