Dog Training Videos

Proximity Alert Training 7 3 15
Best viewed in HD on a larger screen. Proximity alert
Kane Night Trail
Kane will be the newest member of Florence county as
Combat Tracking Promo
Tracking is the one of the most dangerous K9 missions
Hera 6 26 15
Precision trailing from Hagerstown PD K9 Hera on day 2
Rebel 6 16 15
Rebel just started trails with the person already gone. Very
Reign 6 15 15
Reign is officially on long lead and harness now and
Dia Cat Distractions
Cat distraction training for the tailing dog.
Raider Storm Reign 6 8 15 Wow!
These pups are really hot. This is the first day
Reign 6 5 15
This girl is going to be good!
Ziva 5 28 15
This is Ziva and she is a pistol.
Reign 5 28 15
Reign's first experience with human distraction on the trail.
Hera 5 28 15
Very technical trail for a young dog and a good
Storm and Reign 5 25 15
Amazing puppy trails. Super confident and focused. What real puppy
Hera 5 22 15
Working urban in heat! Also walk back find for the
Hades 5 18 15
Hades already working in some contamination and surface changes. Great
Raider 5 21 15
Raider is on a roll. This will be a top
Ziva 5 22 15
Great surface changes and focus for a little 15 week
Storm 5 22 15
Storm working in less productive source.
Dia The Art of Self Discovery
Video of Bavarian mountain hound working into a high find
Ruin your day
This is a perfect example of what we want in
Dia Air Scent Problem 5 19 15
Working with high pressure, hot days, and lots of wind.
Trailing Machine Wrath 5 13 15
Wrath is a finished single purpose trailing dog available for
Storm 5 13 15
Storm is one of the three Rock Stars and sister
Hades 5 13 15
This little GSD pup will be an off the charts
Reign 5 13 15
Raider's sister, Reign, is an amazing little girl and just
raider 5 13 15
Probably the best trails from a puppy this age ever.
BH Babies! 4 16 15
Some of the first fire trails for the Bloodhound Babies.
Wrath 4 16 15
Nice little trail that ends in a baseball field with
Ziva GSD 9 weeks 4 16 15
9 week old GSD pup. Manhunter in the making.
Ambush 4 14 15
Tactical tracking training...where it all began.
Tynne 4 2 15
Working Tynne into a playground area. Preparation for contamination and
Kane 2nd Day Urban Prep
Great detail and focus from a young GSD working urban.
Cayman Day 4
Working urban trailing into a proximity alert in a school
Dia contamination and distraction training
Working on planned animal and human distractions. Dia rocks the
Aala 4 1 15
Aala moving into contamination and distraction conditions.
Hera First Urban
Just starting to work Hera into contamination and distractions. This
Kane Beginning Urban
GSD Kane breaking into urban work and looking great on
Trailing Urban & Human Contact Odor
The importance of human contact odor on urban trails.
Chasing Scent
Chasing fresh human odor off the track and in the
Kane Trailing 3 17 15
This is Kane's 1st trail with me in a couple
Drone work courtesy of Alpha Research for some of our
Freyja: Urban 2 19 15
Freyja and Deputy Olivier getting ready for their graduations trails.
Freyja Burglary Scenario
Great way to wrap up a two week handler'c source
Freyja Solo Proximity Alert
Great proximity alert with a twist!
Freyja: Swamp Run
Freyja and Ron were sorely tested on this trail: 1/2
Aala Water Crossing Prep
Lala getting ready for some swamp work in the near
Freyja: Day 4 GAK9 Trailing Handler's Course
Day four of Deputy Olivier and his GAK9 Hound Freyja's
Arya: Day 3 K9 Trailing Handler's Course
Day 3 of GAK9 Arya and Justin Whaley's trailing handler's
Freyja: Trailing Day 3 Handler's Course
This is day 3 of Dep. Olivier and his GAK9
Czara: Urban Prep
Nice short video of some urban prep work for this